How to Make Yourself Feel Like a Queen

Let’s face it. We all would love to be a Queen for at least a day! The word Queen means

Bri Cooper, Mezzo Soprano

different things to different people. For me, I think of confidence, manners, poise, grace, and having the ability to be strong in the face of fear.

After a particularly long day, I was feeling down. I was feeling saddened by the events unfolding in the news. People see me as confident, smart and graceful, but underneath of it all, is someone who still works very hard to make things appear that way.  Just then, I had an AHA moment! I thought, maybe I am a Queen. Ha! That being said, I thought I would grace you with a few tips on how to make yourself feel like a Queen even on the days when you are far from it.



1.  See the beauty in every little thing. For me, it starts with my morning mug. Yes, the thing I pour coffee or tea in. How can something so small and inexpensive bring me joy. I have two favorite mugs that I alternate between. The funny thing is that I never went out-of-the-way to have a regal theme….but well….you’ll see. This is the mug that seems to be a real conversation piece! Every time I use it, I get stopped… mostly men who say literally “I LOVE YOUR MUG”. My reply is always “Never ever tell a woman to keep calm, or calm down”. They always laugh.

Don’t Tell Me to Keep Calm

2. Morning time=me time. I was never a morning person. I lived in the theater. The world where you have a show at night and don’t get home until 3 in the morning some nights. Since having a child, I learned quickly to say goodbye to my late night hours. If I wanted some undisturbed time to myself,  I had to do it early in the morning. This has truly made me a better person! I start the day with a little morning meditation or prayer, read a book about something that is good for my personal growth, and last but not least, my latte mug!

20170523_182139 (2)
International Delight One Touch Latte and my favorite mug.

I like to use my “Queen Bee” mug for my coffee. Recently, I discovered International Delight’s One Touch Latte. I was looking for something a little extra special just for me. When I tried the latte for the first time, it made my coffee so rich and flavorful. Literally, I tilt the can upside down, push down on the nozzle and out comes a stream of frothy goodness (ok that sounded weird, get your minds out of the gutter! lol). It really makes me feel like I treated myself to something extra special. It puts a smile on my face before heading out the door!!

3. Get of the wood Mary! When you are a Queen, you are often put in the position of having to make decisions and create opportunities for others. When you think about it, in some aspect of your everyday life, we all have to do the same thing. What really makes you feel like a Queen, is when you realize that you can not be all things to all people. You can not be a martyr! Being a martyr is overrated. Sure we can be strong, but you do not have to feel like “Pile on some more crap! Let me show you how strong I am!”. That is not queen like at all! Set some boundaries around your time! Put your foot down! Protect and preserve the Kingdom…..YOU!


Being a Queen and feeling like a Queen might be two different things, but remember that you have to treat yourself like a Queen, before anyone else will respect you like one.

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