Absolutely Last Second Holiday Gift Ideas

jkljureGuess what? According to some holiday season calendars, you actually have until January 5th to deliver your gifts for the holiday season 2016.  Ok , so I have a habit of waiting until the VERY last minute to shop during the holiday season. I like to buy myself  try new things, so I usually by the holidays it is just a matter of recalling some of the items that I purchased for myself, and purchase things from that list for gifts. You really can’t go wrong with these items.

I have to admit the first one on my list is an updated version of what most African American women have been doing for centuries (wrapping our hair at night with a silk scarf). This product comes in handy when you have those nights where you just fall into bed and forget to wrap your hair. This product also came in handy when I was on tour, and I simply placed it over my headrest on international trips.

So let’s get to it!

Holiday Gift Guide 2016


Slip Silk Pillowcase – Great luxury. Perfect of the person in your life who is concerned about thinning hair, or who needs their hair to look great in the morning. There is nothing like sleeping on pure silk. It was nice to be able to not have to comb out my wrap style and worry about spending an extra 20 minutes flat ironing or hot curling my hair.


teeOperaluscious Store– If you have an opera lovers junkies in your life, of course you can always pop on over to my “Operaluscious” shop for some hip opera inspired tee shirts and mugs. Some are quotes that I have always said almost on a daily basis from Tosca, Porgy and Bess, etc. The shirts are made of cotton and who could not use a ceramic mug? The store was inspired from my TV show and radio show.


Valentina Illusion Dress

Kiyonna Clothing of California – If you have the ultimate Diva in your life who is a “real curve cutie” RUN don’t Walk to their website! If you know me by now, you know that my go to for dresses for concerts and interviews is Kiyonna Clothing. I have sung in concert in their dresses, and I love wearing them because they make me feel confident in my own skin, and they are very flattering. I shied away from figure hugging outfits, but I realized sometimes you just have to work what you have!

“This is the get ready to alter the senses in our stunning Valentina Illusion Dress. No matter your shape, the contrasting side lace panels will give you a knockout hourglass silhouette. The beautiful lace continues on the shoulders, sheer sleeves, and covers the entire back of the dress, giving the appearance of a completely different dress from behind. The silky stretch fabric on the front of this bodycon dress elegantly flatters your curves while the ruching in the mid-section masks any tummy troubles. This sexy dress is finished off with a complimenting crossover sweetheart neckline for added appeal. Available exclusively in women’s plus sizes.”

Roe Caviar – I was working hard on a project and a friend noticed how I rarely take the time to acknowledge all of the things I do to continue to craft my career. As a classical singer, I captur7897eam always focused on putting out great music and sharing classical music with the masses, that I often forget to say “Hey Bri, good job”. Well, they did it for me. This was a gift that I would never indulge in for myself because I always feel like I have to put money back into my business. This gift MADE me take time out and savor the fruits of my labor (large and small). I LOVED it. I drizzled it over avocado toast. For the first time in a long time, I actually had to stop, sit and enjoy the moment. No eating on the go, I literally stopped, made myself a beautiful plated presentation and enjoyed every morsel. This is a great gift!


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