Modern Opera Singer’s Guide to Holiday Makeup Must Haves


I love the holidays! I love dressing up the most. I am an all natural girl in real life but I do like to add just a little extra when going out during the holiday season! Here are some of my fave makeup, outfit and clutch essentials that will wrap your look in a bow  so let’s get to it!

Here are my “Top 5 Holiday Makeup Must Haves”

s1653070-main-lhero1. Sephora’s “Cleaning Me Softly” facial cleansing brush! Not only does it give my face a glowing complexion, but I might just like it better than those automatic facial brushes.



s1576305-main-lhero2. Becca Complexion Cream – I rarely use foundations or concealers when out and about during the day. However, when I have to do interviews or special occasion functions. I start with this foundation.  It hides dark circles, or skin imperfections. I have tried powder foundations, but texture of this weightless liquid foundation is awesome.


2295915 3. ULTA Matte Bronzer – I have to admit, I skip the pressed powder and use this stuff! It is easy to apply, blends easily, nice texture, and looks natural. I also use this from time to time after staying up to all hours of the night blogging, to hide dark circles.



4. Dior One Stroke Brow Pencil – Eyebrows really do make a huge difference in your overall finished look. I love the Dior brow pencil when I have to do my makeup myself. Fill in the brow with the pencil side and use the brush to blend the color out. Ok I cheat…..I use this as an eyeliner as well.


07161700592425. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Eye Shadow – I have never used a primer unless my makeup artist uses one on me. I simply find the step a bit redundant, so I opt for a shimmery shadow that can double as a highlighter. I LOVE this shadow. It comes in a variety of shades. The shimmer is just enough for the holidays!



6. Clinique Cheek Pop – Love the new colors! A natural cheek color feels powderless. The technology transforms pure liquid pigment into a smooth, silky powder through a process of slow baking, leaving true color—from compact to cheeks. It gives my cheeks a natural looking boost of color!



7. Wet and Wild Satin Finish Lipstick -I am sure you thought I was going to say MAC or something like that, but honestly. I LOVE Wet and Wild Satin finish lipstick! It leaves my lips smooth and adds great color. I usually choose the red for holidays. Just remember, there are a variety of red lipstick. Some have blue undertones, some yellow. Because the price is so affordable, I get the two that I like and test them out. Nine times out of ten, I end up wearing both.

Well….these are just a few of my fave products for the holidays. What are some of your favorite holiday makeup shades and products?



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